Google for Education Webinar – No longer flustered! Teach and Learn from Anywhere with Google for Education.

|Activity description

With the fact that the global pandemic is still raging, it is inevitable that the workplace has largely been transformed to adapt to remote work. The digital transformation wave has also come to educational institutions, institution workers, teachers and students. It is teachers’ concern whether students will be fully concentrated when they participate in class at home. How to teach without a whiteboard? How should students hand in their homework to the teacher and get them corrected?

Obviously, the traditional physical teaching model is being challenged. Many teachers are worried that without face-to-face communication and physical presence, it will be hard to maintain the quality of teaching and the students will not be able to receive enough resources as well as pay attention to the class lectures.

It is true that the pandemic throws challenges at our old models of living. However, it does not necessarily mean that the learning journey has to be stopped or paused here. In fact, remote teaching has already become a new daily routine for teachers and students. Now is the best time to catch up with the latest technology and the trend of teaching. Microfusion is well aware of the pain points from teachers and students. On 16/7, we will bring you an education-specific solution launched through Google Cloud, combined with video call software, collaboration and communication tools, and the perfect integration with Chromebook, prepared by Sales VP of Google Cloud Public Sector and Mircofusion’s professional lecturers. We will demonstrate a simple and easy-to-use paperless cloud classroom. You will be surprised how fast as a teacher you can grasp the teaching progress and the participation status from your students in real time. Most importantly, the quality of teaching and learning will not be discounted!

3 amazing teaching tools that make online teaching better:

  1. Google Workspace for Education provides multiple applications to create a paperless classroom.
  2. Google Meet makes the quality of online teaching feel like physical one.
  3. Boost in eight seconds! You can easily deploy a Chromebook as your remote teaching equipment.

|Event details

Date & Time: July 16, 2021 (Friday) 14:30-15:40
Location: Online Webinar
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Suitable for: Decision makers & IT managers at schools and educational institutions

|Speaker introduction


|Activity agenda

14:30- 14:50Why Google for Education? What are the advantages?Tony Lee
Sales VP of Google Cloud Public Sector
14:50-15:10Google for Education Editions introduction – How to choose the best plan?Wanju Lu
Microfusion Professional Lecturer
15:10-15:30Worry-free teaching – How does a Chromebook help you teach securely?Iris Pang
Microfusion Professional Lecturer
15:30-15:40Online Discussion Q&A 


To ensure the quality of the event, we reserve the right to audit participants. Those who pass the review will receive a notice of attendance the day before the event at the latest.

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