Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Machine Learning Service & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The widespread application of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies
has revolutionised every industry and has marked milestones for numerous enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence has been and will be our main drive to go forward.

Microfusion’s Cloud consultants view Cloud as a developer platform.
We are committed to devising innovative and applicable solutions for start-ups and B2B services across all fields.

Intelligent Forecast

Machines that are capable of comprehension can stably and efficiently process incident information and make decisions. Well-trained machines can even predict unprecedented events in specific fields.

Learning Perception

Machines can acquire thinking abilities comparable to a human brain’s through data calculation mechanisms. Hypothetical verification is feasible based on logical deduction mechanisms. Rules can also be teased out of apparent chaos and randomness.

Learning Comprehension

Machines can sense like humans do by obtaining messages via a range of sensors, such as those dedicated to hearing, vision, olfaction, temperature, vibration and luminosity. They are also able to efficiently categorise information and to perform basic processing.

Microfusion​ AI
Messaging and information technologies

Enhance connection quality

Partnered with owners and field specialists, we tackle problems in respect of information sciences. We establish workflows for problem solving and structures for data handling.

Building models

Through calculation structures as well as studies on cause-effect relationships, we build highly reliable data models that can undergo repetitive verifications.

Data collection

We find out factors contributing to a problematic scenario via subjective, objective and automated data.

Visualisation of information

We present sophisticated data in the form of meaningful visual images, which allow real-time monitoring of problematic scenarios and facilitate communication among different professionals.

Data analysis

We make use of various scientific data analysis technologies so as to process the collected data and to extract valuable information from it.

Microfusion​ AI
Special services

Large-scale machine learning services

Powerful API work and exploration

Image recognition, video analysis,
voice recognition and document analysis

Instantaneous and interactive translation

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