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An efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive Enterprise Data Warehouse suitable for massive data analysis

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Enterprise Data Warehouse

BigQuery is a comprehensive and low-cost data warehouse system developed by Google for enterprise data storage and analysis. There are no servers or infrastructures to be managed so there is no need for a database manager. You can focus on data analysis and generate meaningful results with the help of familiar SQL’s. BigQuery is a mighty platform capable of massive data analysis. It is applicable to various types of organisations, including start-ups and even Fortune 500 companies.

Speed and scale

BigQuery can scan data of 1 TB in seconds and of 1 PB in minutes. Information can be loaded from Google Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Datastore. It can also be streamed to BigQuery for immediate analysis. BigQuery allows easy upgrades of databases from the level of GB to PB.

Unbelievably low costs

BigQuery separates data storage from algorithms so that you can adjust resource allocation according to your own needs. Fees are charged separately. Flexible choices are available for clients, who only pay for what is absolutely necessary. If precise budgets are preferred, one can always opt for fixed monthly rates instead.

Safety and stability

BigQuery can automatically carry out information encryption and copy handling to ensure safety, usability and durability. If more robust data protection mechanisms are desired, role-based access control lists can be employed. You can control the system settings through Google Cloud Identity & Access Management.

Partnerships and integration

Google Cloud Platform’s partners together with third-party developers established methods of BigQuery integration, which allows convenient information input and processing. In the meantime, interactive information graphics can also be made. Our partners include Looker, Tableau, Qlik, Talend, Google Analytics and SnapLogic.

BigQuery’s strengths

Flexible data processing mechanisms

Information can be loaded from Google Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Datastore. It can also be streamed to BigQuery at 100,000 rows per second for instantaneous data analysis.

Global services

You can choose to store BigQuery data in Europe and are entitled to comprehensive management services. We now even provide options to control geographical information so you can be spared from cumbersome collection and maintenance work.

Safety and authority

Under your full control, you are able to authorise appropriate persons to access data in Google BigQuery. Shared folders do not affect your costs or performance as those sharing the data with you have to pay their own consultation fees.


BigQuery allows budgeting such that you can set your own limits on daily costs.

High usability

Owing to the completely transparent copying mechanisms of information in multiple locations, your data would not be wiped out and would still be able to function in case of major breakdowns.

Comprehensive integration

In addition to SQL queries, you can easily read and edit data via Cloud Dataflow, Spark and Hadoop on BigQuery.

Seamless connections with Google products

Information can be automatically imported from Google Analytics 360 to BigQuery. Graphics can be designed with Google Data Studio. Data sets saved in Google Cloud Storage can also be analysed.

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