Solutions for connecting with
the high-speed networks in the mainland China

With or without an ICP Filing, we can still provide you with all-round services,
such as crucial high-speed networks, CDN, WAF and DDoS.
Our consultants would follow through your case and offer comprehensive connection solutions.

Regardless of the field,
we are ready to help your business expand throughout the mainland China.

Owing to discrepancies between local and Chinese policies towards the Internet, local businesses often face all sorts of challenges while attempting to access the mainland’s network, for instance, service disconnections, sluggish data flows, poor connection quality and inability to engage in China’s network nodes. Consequently, end-users would be forced to either bear with dreadful services or give up on the businesses altogether.

You might be fed up with the process of applying for a network in the mainland China but, fortunately, you have just discovered the key to success – Microfusion. As long as you are in need of a connection with the mainland China, we have the full solutions for you regardless of ICP Filing.

Business expansion to China from scratch

Businesses which are running in China but aspire to enhance
network equipment

All kinds of businesses irrespective of ICP Filing

Our value to you

Microfusion has over 100 clients who have made use of our solutions to access Chinese networks. We offer a free consultation session prior to induction. Committed to professional technical services, we have tens of flexible and multi-faceted product solutions in hand, for example, DNS management, CDN, DDoS mitigation, WAF defences and routing in the mainland China. We assess and measure the clients’ requirements so as to customise the solutions, to raise cost-effectiveness and to enhance product quality.

Enhance connection quality

Reduce CDN maintenance costs

Comprehensive DDsS mitigation services

Three-in-one WAF, DDoS and CDN services

Application for ICP Filing and Solutions

Comprehensive solutions and professional partners

Our business partners involved in the solutions include Alibaba Cloud CDN, Alibaba Cloud anti-DDoS, Intelligent Monitoring Management of NS1 routing, Greypanel CDN and China Telecom’s CN2 (GT, GIA), which enables direct connection to China.

Connectivity to China with quality assurance

We ensure data security and business stability through specialised networks and international connections.

Assistance in ICP application

We provide assistance in application for ICP Filing and Commercial License and thus simplify the procedures to connect to China.

Complete induction planning

We have a team of specialists who are certified on multiple platforms and have ample national as well as international experience.
Our solutions are meant to cater for individual corporate’s needs.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide round-the-clock customer service, Help Desk technical support and emergency management.
You can rest assured that even urgent issues would be properly dealt with.

Robust partnership

We have numerous business partners in China so we can provide a wide variety of corporates with stable, safe and efficient technical support.

As a revolutionary company, we are great at structure remodeling and devising solutions for accessing China.
Get in touch with Microfusion for the versatile and flexible solutions.

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