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Cloud Interconnect - Partner Interconnect
With high usability and negligible delays, the connection enables reliable transfers of information between on-premises systems and private Cloud networks.

Is your enterprise facing the following issues?

The database is too enormous for migration or adjustments on a large scale.
There are stringent requirements for connection speed and stability.

Cloud Interconnect can ...

  • help you adapt to various workloads.
  • offer options for different kinds of private connections.
  • provide highly flexible and readily available services.
  • help international enterprises achieve global connections without additional costs on plug-ins

What is Cloud Interconnect?

With high usability and negligible delays, Cloud Interconnect enables reliable transfers of information between an enterprise’s on-premises and virtual private Cloud networks.

Two options for extending on-premises networks are available. Firstly, Google Cloud Interconnect – Dedicated can provide direct physical connections between on-premises and Google networks. Secondly, Google Cloud Interconnect – Partner can establish connections between on-premises and GCP virtual private Cloud networks through supported service providers.

Cloud Interconnect technologies

Interconnect – Partner allows enterprises to adjust costs in accordance with the subscribed quantity and capacity of connections. Individual Interconnect VLAN’s capacity ranges from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Contrary to dedicated Interconnect networks, enterprises need not install or maintain transfer equipment on hosting service providers’ sites.

Suitable for media, E-commerce and those industries in need of mixed structures
Enterprises that look for advantageous extensions from on-premises to Google networks usually have a huge number of data and hence high standards of requirements on connection speed and quality.
Have a look at our clients’ successful cases:



Found solutions for instantaneous traffic by the use of Cloud Interconnect


Cloud Interconnect’s solutions can help you...

Reduce the possibility of interrupted services

By establishing enterprises’ on-premises and virtual private Cloud networks, the traffic is routed via dedicated connection service providers. Bypassing public networks would make your traffic get through fewer hops and therefore reduce failures, as in diminished or interrupted traffic.

Obtain Private Google Access

Cloud Interconnect aligns with Private Google Access dedicated to on-premises hosts. It allows on-premises hosts to make use of internal, rather than external, IP addresses to access Google API and its services.

Access internal IP addresses directly

From on-premises networks, you can directly access virtual private Cloud networks’ internal (RFC 1918) IP addresses without the need for an NAT device or VPN path.

Cut export costs

Interconnect – Partner can help enterprises optimise outbound traffic from virtual private Cloud networks in order to cut export costs.

Microfusion’s unique solutions for beginners (restricted to Greater Taipei Area)

Hinet’s Light-Era ADSL cable and Google Cloud Interconnect
10m / monthly rental fee + one-off charges

Microfusion collaborates with Chief Telecom on the unique project with extremely attractive offers.
Consult Microfusion’s specialists as soon as possible for details.

The benefits of choosing Microfusion

Business experiences

Microfusion has built relationships with plenty of significant clients in Taiwan as we can swiftly process connection contents.

Stable Interconnect - Partner

The partners are renowned Type II Telecommunications service providers in Taiwan.

GCP professional certifications

Our professional Cloud specialists help clients get accustomed to GCP products.

Contact Microfusion’s Cloud Integration specialists at once to know more about
Cloud Interconnect and other solutions

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