Corporate Mailbox and Collaboration

We specialise in Cloud Integration and proactively collaborate with quite a few famous brands of Cloud, including G Suite (Google Apps for work) and Office 365 (Microsoft O365) in order to provide all-round corporate mailbox services. We provide our clients with tailor-made solutions for the best possible business collaboration. Extensive technical supports for Cloud services can also be expected from our side.

Are you looking for a full set of Google applications?

G suite comprises a series of secure, efficient and synchronised office tools, such as Gmail, calendars, video conferencing, file editing, collaboration platforms and online storage spaces. A single system is all you need to enhance business performance.

Are you using Cloud Office Solutions but in need of more robust defences for data security?

HENNGE One provides strengthened data security services for Office 365 and G Suite, for example, controlled storage and retrieval, device management, email backups and prevention against leaks of confidential contents. It can remarkably alleviate concerns about risks of data breach and hence raise management efficiency.

Are you interested in G Suite but plenty of your business partners are located in China?

Microfusion has uniquely integrated the two major mailbox services, namely G Suite and Office 365. We are committed to saving corporates’ time, efforts and costs! In a split second, we can solve the problem of having emails blocked by the mainland China’s firewall.

Our clients’ positive feedback

Free Time Gear

‘Microfusion can swiftly respond to clients’ queries by providing comprehensive technical support and can act as the perfect bridge for enterprises to set up overseas service centries.’

- Free Time Gear--Digital and E-commerce Director

Hahow Institute

‘Gmail and Google Calendar in G Suite speeds up our internal and external communication. The control panel also allows our IT staff to manage the corporate system effortlessly.’

- Austin Huang, Hahow Institute’s co-founder / ANGULAR ENGINEER


‘Since introduction of G Suite, we have saved significant time and maintenance costs spent on restoring the Mail server. The built-in data security mechanisms have ensured stability of internal and external communication and have effectively protected us against outsiders’ attacks. In the coming days, we will keep up with our business revolution by going Cloud so as to enjoy the benefits of synergistic collaboration.’

- Mark Wu, Vice President, R&D Division, PAPAGO!

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