Cloud Interconnect serves
as a solution for instantaneous traffic

It increases the number of customers and revenue from advertisements
as it creates a superior mode of service.

ETtoday /
Chief Technology Officer
Clifford Chen

Google Cloud Interconnect has successfully connected ETtoday’s On-Premises equipment with Cloud. Microfusion has found the best solutions for instantaneous traffic, which is necessary for breaking news, and has thus upgraded ETtoday’s services.

Introduction of the client

Which news application do you use every day? A survey found that ETtoday reached over four fifths of the Internet users in Taiwan. As a popular news app among netizens, ETtoday was rated as the best news website by multiple critics. Since the app was launched in November 2011, it has introduced services for news, audiovisuals, programmes, live streams, groups and individuals. It has gained popularity among Chinese-speaking population around the globe and has served more than 20 million users.

The top news agency
in Taiwan
has incessantly launched
innovative services.

Owing to the huge number of users, breaking news often attracts enormous traffic within a short time frame. At peak time, ETtoday has to allow over 300,000 users to browse the website every second. In the old days, ETtoday purchased On-Premises equipment to support normal services and reserved extra machines to tackle traffic surges. However, as the corporate scale grew, ETtoday faced the following challenges:

More flexibility was needed to tackle sudden and vast traffic

Ceaseless expansion and upgrades of services

An innovative trial was conducted to integrate profitable offline projects into online services

Continuous optimisation of viewing quality

Therefore, more flexible and robust infrastructure was necessary for the R&D team of engineers to focus on developments without hesitation.

Pro-active introduction of Google Cloud Interconnect
to provide users with the best viewing quality

In the face of the above-mentioned challenges, ETtoday deliberately collaborated with Microfusion, which has had abundant experiences in arranging Cloud structures, integration and business cooperation. After discussions with Ms. Lo, one of the consultants in Microfusion, ETtoday opted for Google Cloud Interconnect to enhance the viewing quality and to achieve the following goals:

In terms of infrastructure

ETtoday has established special connections with Google so that it can make use of original infrastructure and networks to ensure high stability of service quality.

In terms of products

ETtoday’s advertising system has employed plenty of GCP products, including Cloud Memorystore and Redis to adjust flow rates between On-Premises and Cloud as well as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to process images on the website. All basic and advanced GCP products have been fully utilised.

With Google’s dedicated services, ETtoday successfully built a system structure merging On-Premises with Cloud as Google Cloud was treated as an extension of On-Premises IDC. The mixed structure has been in use for dealing with the traffic surges. Due to such flexibility, the engineers can draft more creative proposals for expanding advertising services.

Google Cloud’s dedicated services
have brought 4 main benefits to ETtoday.

Simple and quick migration from On-Premises to Cloud

The entire ETtoday project required only 5 members of staff to complete migration of hundreds of machines. It took merely 3 months from assessment to completion, which was faster than purchasing tangible machines in the past.

VM features of Google Cloud

There are two main advantages of powering on and off VM at any time on Google Cloud. Firstly, hundreds of machines, which take up only half of the current On-Premises IDC’s capacity, can be switched on simultaneously. Secondly, such kind of equipment lets engineers enjoy a higher degree of freedom.

Excellent performance with more effective resource allocation

In previous stress tests, we found that 50 GCP machines could almost perform better than 150 On-Premises ones. The better performance leads to a larger return on investment so Cloud machines can help enterprises effectively allocate resources and cut costs.

The dedicated services have stabilised quality

Since Google established the dedicated connections, ETtoday has been able to make use of Google’s internal infrastructure and networks so as to enjoy high-speed connections and consistently high quality.

Microfusion’s professional, instantaneous and flexible services assisted ETtoday in expanding the infrastructure and in adapting to Google’s dedicated services. ETtoday has high hopes for GCP’s innovative powers so it will migrate more audiovisual content management systems and streaming systems to GCP. With Google’s strong data analytical tools, ETtoday will thoroughly analyse user information and service contents in order to enhance the service quality.

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