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‘Automatic updates of Google’s products have surprised us. More importantly, the price of G Suite is really affordable to small and medium-sized enterprises. We do believe that it is the most brilliant business solution! Great solutions still need competent agencies for practical application though. Microfusion can swiftly respond to clients’ queries by providing comprehensive technical support and can act as the perfect bridge for enterprises to set up overseas service centres.’

—Free Time Gear / Davin Chien   Digital & E-commerce

  • Free Time Gear was founded 25 years ago and has become the leading brand of outdoor tourism in Taiwan.

Free Time Gear is the leading professional brand of outdoor tourism as it keeps on importing quality products from various countries to satisfy consumers’ diverse demands for outdoor activities. Mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts must be familiar with the well-recognised brands and their products, for instance, icebreaker merino wool sweaters, LOWA mountaineering boots, TATONKA backpacks as well as environmentally-friendly and durable Klättermusen. Free Time Gears International Co., LTD. was founded in 1994 and the business started with one store retailing a single brand. Since then, apart from setting up numerous counters and branch stores, the company has established long-term partnerships with almost 300 vendors across the country. Outdoor, casual, mountaineering, camping, cycling, sports, trending and many more kinds of products have been traded for 25 years. Thus, the brand has risen to the top of the market.

  • Business expansion
    was no easy task as the self-developed mailbox system limited the staff’s productivity.

Business expansion was no easy task as the self-developed mailbox system limited the staff’s productivity.

An unstable mailbox system

Difficult management of storage space

‘As Free Time Gear keeps exploring outstanding brands,’ Chin, the director, once told Microfusion, ‘our staff have to travel abroad frequently and maintain close relationships with up- and downstream corporates. In the past, we developed our own On-Premises mailbox server, which often made the colleagues miss timely messages while commuting between counties or nations and resulted in severe disruption to business operations. Moreover, the contacts with plenty of partners and media over the years generated many junk mails, which constituted a nuisance to the bosses and managers.’

  • G Suite was proactively introduced to raise communication and operational efficiency.
    The business problems were solved once and for all.

In an attempt to tackle ineffective communication as a consequence of the mailbox issues, Free Time Gear specifically invited Microfusion, a Google Premier Partner, to construct G Suite. ‘After understanding the problems from different perspectives,’ said Felix Chang, an operational specialist in Microfusion, ‘we assessed how vast Free Time Gear’s business and how complicated the data traffic was. The enterprise eventually signed up for G Suite as it was easy to use and enabled systematic integration of information.’ The following benefits became apparent as the Basic and Business versions of services were merged according to the client’s requirements.

The charges were based on the number of users.
A single system could integrate multiple functions,
such as those for human resources, execution and audits.

Unlimited storage space alongside
the automatic and defensive function of data backups

Since the introduction of G Suite, Microfusion has received positive feedback from Free Time Gear’s staff.
The most acclaimed functions are as follows:

Gmail can be used anytime, anywhere with a guarantee against junk mails.

The management team’s greatest concern about junk mails was properly addressed. Regardless of user location, the mailbox service can undergo automatic updates without experiencing any downtime.

Unlimited space on the Business version of Drive

The staff need not worry about capacity anymore in view of the limitless storage space. It is no longer necessary to reserve equipment or budget for expansion.

The merge with NuEIP, a third-party system, has remarkably cut management costs on human resources.

Through G Suite’s mailbox, calendar and Cloud system for human resources, the management of leaves, travels and schedules can be effortlessly carried out in a single system and hence a huge reduction in operational workload.

The customer service system has been completed by making use of G Suite’s mailboxes for groups.

By applying the group management function, the staff members can reply in the name of groups so that messages about customer service can be managed conveniently.

  • Free Time Gear, together with Microfusion,
    upgraded the business information system.

Retrospectively, Free Time Gear’s induction process of G Suite was incredibly smooth. One of the main advantages was that the managers found it straightforward to exercise authority and to impose restrictions. From the users’ point of view, G Suite had a simple and clear interface. With Microfusion’s technical support, communication within the office was made a whole lot more efficient.

As a closing remark, Chin said that G Suite had simplified communication processes and had enhanced operational efficiency for the enterprise. He hoped G Suite would keep evolving and introduce more functions to let users see innovative opportunities in the coming days

During the induction process and the interview, we were deeply impressed by Free Time Gear’s dedication to balancing business operations and the staff’s feelings. It has been proactive in undergoing transformations such that the staff members have been able to immerse themselves in an optimal environment and to provide customers with the best products and services. We were so moved by the presence of such a devoted, Taiwanese enterprise, which would hopefully bring more fantastic products to the nationals.

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