Google Cloud Platform Training

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Training

How can you enhance Cloud-related technology with the help of GCP?

Microfusion is equipped with a robust team of IT specialists,

who can offer comprehensive training courses on plenty of popular GCP services as outlined below.


Cloud Storage


Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to On-Premises data centers



Compute Engine
App Engine
Cloud Run



Cloud SQL (Structured Query Language)
Cloud Datastore


Developers’ Tools



Data Analysis

Cloud Datalab

Our specialists can explain certain GCP products that you are interested in. We can also offer you tailor-made proposals after evaluating your corporate’s systemic structure. We would strive to help you become familiar with Cloud so that you would truly appreciate how GCP can change your corporate for the better.

You can sign up for our two types of popular training courses once you opt for our services.

Custom-made Corporate Training

Microfusion’s engineers and business teams would devise the training courses that best suit your corporate’s needs. Accordingly, our clients can be broadly classified into 3 groups: those who are new to Cloud, those who have just started using Cloud and those who are experienced users but are looking for another brand of Cloud.

Our one-of-a-kind training courses cater for various types of clients. The courses can be categorised into Basic Product Introduction and Specific Product Application. Alternatively, some courses are designed to target GCP developing engineers whereas others are dedicated to GCP service end-users within a corporate.

Overall, most of our clients have explored GCP Cloud services by the time they entered a partnership with us. We, therefore, mostly provided in-depth training with respect to different services and products. By contrast, there has been an ever-growing demand for the beginners’ courses as more and more emphases have been put on data analyses. We are now used to training corporates’ entire staff such that every member has the fundamental knowledge to launch Cloud.

In accordance with the clients’ requirements, we can adjust the venue, format and duration of training.

Face-to-face / online seminars

Our clients and all of those who have proactively consulted Microfusion about GCP would be invited to our GCP seminars.

Google’s teams quarterly publicise brand new products on Google Cloud Platform, on which agents can deliver updates and specifications to customers. Microfusion’s professional trainers can timely lay out facts about the products for GCP enthusiasts. We also instantly respond to participants’ questions about GCP so as to enable you to obtain all technical information on the spot.

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