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Google Cloud Data Center in Hong Kong and Taiwan

As of Nov 2019, Google Cloud is available in 200+ Countries and Territories, with 20 Regions, 61 Zones and 134 Network Edge Locations in total.

The distance between the host and the data transmission server affects the experience of the users’ connection quality. Google data centers in Asia are located in Hong Kong and Taiwan, providing local high-speed connection. It is also free of network interruption caused by submarine communications cable failure, compared with other public cloud providers.

High-speed Network with Low latency

Google continues to build our own fiber-optic submarine cable around the world to provide high-speed multinational networks. Enjoy the global fast network as long as you use Google Cloud Host; the host’s own network speed is CPU core number * 2Gb / s, and up to 16Gb /s maximum.

Cheaper Cost without Advance Payment

Google Cloud Host is 19% cheaper than other cloud providers, and saves about 26% through extending the use of custom machines. The system will automatically adjust the  machines according to the host usage, which can save an addition of 14%. As to conclude, around 59% of the cost can be saved compared to the used of fixed machine types from other clouds.

Global-leading and Innovational Technology

Google Cloud Service is global, secure, efficient, and cost-effective. Google’s leading global technology team continues to optimize innovation, not only with extreme durability, but also a great choice for expanding your business globally.

Super Strong Processing Power

Google provides Google Search, Chrome, Youtube and other powerful data and analytic services. You can find the right solutions in a shorter time and create better products with the most effective way by making use of the massive amount of data provided by Google.

Sustainable Energy Sources

Google Cloud is built by consideration of energy efficiency. Most of the data centers power consumption on non-computing resources and daily operations (such as cooling and voltage conversion) is almost the power consumed by the servers. However, Google has taken a different approach and has reduced the energy consumption for daily operations to just 11%.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Featured Products

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a managed, production-ready environment for deploying containerized applications. Within GCP, you can deploy a wide variety of applications in a flexible operating environment. You can also setup auto scaling to let you deal with the ever-changing needs. Best of all, Google Kubernetes Engine enables you to migrate applications smoothly between cloud and local development environments. It is full of flexibility, efficiency and benefits.

BigQuery is a server-less data warehouse service. It is highly scalable, cost-effective and also features BI Engine service in its memory plus built-in machine learning technology. BigQuery lets you focus on analytics without worrying about the IT infrastructure. By leveraging the powerful analytic capability, it’s easy to get in-depth analysis quickly.

Cloud AutoML is a machine learning product from Google. It enables developers to train high-quality models with only basic machine learning knowledge. Cloud AutoML applies the latest Transfer Learning and Neural Network technique, rapidly built machine learning models for vision, languages and structured data.

Google Cloud Service features with flexibility, open source and hybrid cloud characteristics. There are more than 200 APIs to satisfy various needs. Also there is cross-cloud API management platform available on GCP, so that users can develop, protect, deploy and monitor APIs at anytime, anywhere.

WHY Microfusion?


GCP Premier Partner

Microfusion provides cloud hosting, cloud management services, tech-consulting services and cloud optimization services, etc. We enable enterprises to utilize the power of cloud deeply & fully.


Google Cloud Technology Partner

Microfusion is the Technology Partner certified by Google officially. Our technical team provides the best technology services within the region.


Serve more than 900 local and overseas customers

With more than 900 local and overseas customers, Microfusion understands your needs and also the pain points in different industries. We are able to provide the most comprehensive solution for you.

Start your Google Cloud journey
with cloud integration expert - Microfusion

As a one-stop shop for our customers, Microfusion provides you all kinds of related services of Google Cloud, transparent billing, comprehensive solutions and various resources provided by Google. 

We are Google Cloud Premier Service Partner certificated by Google. Our services scope doesn’t not limited to simple billing consolidation services. We are here to help companies to solve their problems during the cloud journey, create business values among their competitors and tailor the highest quality services.


  • Pre-sales Evaluation
  • Education Training
  • Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Migration Suggestion
  • Professional Knowledge of Industry
  • Market News Sharing


  • 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • 24/7 Technical Support Services
  • Emergency Technical Support Services
  • System Hosting Services
  • Cloud Structure Management Services
  • Cloud Education Training


  • Cloud Migration & Upgrade Services
  • Big Data Project Planning and Implementation
  • Project Development
  • Multi-Cloud Design and Architecture Services
  • Cloud Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery


  • Cost Optimization Consultation Services
  • Safety & Compliance Optimization
  • Systems Highly Availability Optimization
  • Internal Process Optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure Health Check


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