Google Meet Hardware

After years of observation, Google now offers the most suitable solutions for video telecommunication within up-and-coming businesses.

Google has made observations of clients using G Suite for Business for a decade. More than half of them have worked remotely by, for instance, working from home, holding video conferences and making video calls. Non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and gestures, have constituted over 55% of the means of communication. Therefore, Google has worked on G Suite for Cloud Business and has developed Google Meet Hardware, which is a smart, wireless, video conferencing solution compatible with all sorts of telecommunication devices within collaborated Cloud businesses. The new solution has markedly facilitated communication, maximised productivity and raised staff’s ROI.

Google Meet Hardware can effortlessly solve the problems in remote businesses

There are lots of video conferencing facilities on the market but difficulties in telecommunication are still frequently encountered. These include complicated device installation, a need for designated login accounts or networks, compromised video quality with a growing number of participants and inability of conferencing systems to connect with other pre-existing systems within companies. Google’s solutions can tackle such issues on the clients’ behalf in the simplest manner and bring about the following benefits:

To appreciate high audio-visual quality

Without extra login, connection or equipment, you can start a video conference resembling face-to-face interaction by a mere click regardless of locations, time, parties and devices.

To hold conferences with a high capacity

HMH is able to livestream conferences that can accommodate up to 250 participants and 100,000 viewers. For that reason, the equipment can support large-scale international conventions and seminars.

To enjoy contemporary Cloud conference rooms

In flawless alignment with Calendar and Cloud storage spaces, the convener and participants can easily synchronise their information.

Conferences to be controlled and recorded by managers

Conference rooms can have their own schedules and authorisations for file management. The crystal clear conference management system can analyse the participants’ status and avoid external disturbances.

Microfusion’s technical team can introduce you to G Suite video conference applications and provide G Suite clients with hardware equipment for perfect connections, i.e. Google Meet Hardware. As a result, enterprises can hold high-quality video conferences without installing any devices.

Hangouts Meet Hardware’s Features

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