Co - location

By means of Co-location, your server is placed in Microfusion’s world-class premises.

Co - location

In simple terms, Co-location refers to the placement of your server in Microfusion’s premises. It not only connects your website to high-speed networks via our extensive broadband skeletons, but also provides you with 24/7 TCP/IP active monitoring services and comprehensive technical support by our professional team of network engineers.

By doing so, breakdowns of main units and hence service interruption can be prevented even in case of abrupt cessation of electricity supply. Moreover, the bandwidths employed in our telecommunication premises are made of a number of designated optical fibres with different entry and exit ports rather than ordinary to-the-house fibres for company use. Stability and speed is therefore guaranteed.

Introduction of Microfusion’s Co-location services

We provide our clients with fundamental services, including MRTG network traffic and alarms for system abnormalities. The network monitoring centre with round-the-clock surveillance issues immediate prompts, which can lead to a marked reduction in losses caused by system abnormalities.

According to your special requests, we can offer limitless combinations of server specifications aiming at supreme performance.

Security can be enhanced by installing additional hardware firewalls and by using load balancing services and backups.

Co-location network applications and their pro-active updates

24/7 TCP/IP active monitoring services and comprehensive technical support by our team members

The advantages of Microfusion’s Co-location services

Uniformly high quality

We make use of main server units of internationally recognised brands, i.e. HP, DELL and IBM, instead of commonly assembled computers. Each and every main unit has passed rigorous testing so it has absolutely superior stability and compatibility than its off-brand or assembled counterparts do.

In view of IPv6

•The use of smaller routing tables increases the speed at which routers forward data sets.
•We support Multicast and Flow Control.
•Higher security can be achieved by encrypting data on network layers and by verifying encrypted packets.
•Technical support for 6to4 and IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

We lead the industry.

Our Service-Level Agreement on Co-location leads the industry, including Taipower’s double-fed electricity supply for 99.99% of networks.

Flexible options

Co-location services with equipment of high-density energy consumption offer clients with flexible options.

Geographical advantages

International routing benefits from the shortest travel distance due to our close proximity to the submarine cable landing point.

Suitable candidates for Co-location services

Those who want to skip complicated purchases of operations and outsourcing of server equipment

Those who want to delegate maintenance of premises and to cut electricity costs

Those who seek technical support and assistance in system building from original suppliers

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