Microfusion IoT

A project on developing Internet of Things (IoT) products

Microfusion makes your products smart.

As an original equipment manufacturer, do you fancy smarter technologies as well as safer, more efficient and more popular products? Our Cloud connection services would accelerate your intelligence developments and hence offer you lots of global business opportunities.


Services for developing
IoT products
.Integrating communication agreements: Wifi、Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0、MQTT、Bonjour
.Developing systems of client and device management
.Developing systems of OTA firmware updates
.Developing iOS and Android Apps
.Developing LINE and Facebook Messenger IoT integration applications


Smart family solutions
Developing Amazon Alexa products
​.Integrating communication protocol: MQTT
.Developing integration of Amazon Echo products ​
Developing integration of Alexa Voice Service (AVS): Integrating AVS into your IoT products would enable Voice Control.
​.Developing Alexa Skills Kit: It would allow your IoT devices or Cloud products to be controlled and used by Amazon Echo.
​- Alexa Skill
- Alexa Smart Home Skill
- Alexa Custom Skill (Lambda Function)


Services for developing
HomeKit software
.Meeting Apple MFi specification standards
.Visual and user experience designs
.Customised HomeKit App development (submission guaranteed)
.App Store Listing
.Can be listed on Apple HomeKit accessories store
.Service structures for OTA firmware updates (submission guaranteed)
.Server infrastructure
.Delivery source codes
.Data collection and analysis
.Offering Cloud solutions
.Developing cross-platform control over Android Apps
.Categories and quantities of HomeKit controllable devices


Big data analysis
Big data, which is currently an important practical application in information technology, refers to the fast processing ​of numerous and sophisticated data sources. Meaningful messages are derived from data about influential variables by developmental algorithms and stepwise analyses. Furthermore, forecasts can be made during the process.​

.Understanding problems
.Data collection
.Data analysis
.Building models
.Visualising information

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