The introduction of GCP technologies
has transformed the audiovisual services

The leading television channel in Taiwan has made use of GCP
to live stream programmes in 4K resolution

‘After numerous attempts, we found that GCP was the only Cloud platform that could support us to live stream 100 Calls, which is a programme in 4K resolution. We chose GCP not only because its products perfectly met our requirements, but its flexible, open-minded and innovative culture was also in line with our bold developments’

---Public Television Service

Public Television Service formally started broadcasting on 1 July 1998. It has committed to operating the channel in the best interest of the nationals. The television system has had its own values and obligations in the broadcasting industry. With its designated channels, studios and policies on programmes, it has served the public mainly by providing essential information.

Public Television Service does not attract a huge audience by broadcasting one programme only. Instead, it arranges the schedules in such a way that a variety of shows are able to satisfy the diverse and special demands of different groups.

The company constantly created new programme content, for example, 100 Calls was produced as the first-ever, interactive, informative, telecommunication show in Taiwan. Once the App designed for making video calls among 100 people was downloaded, participants across the globe could join the games and have real-time interaction with the hosts.

The show featured a quiz contest among one hundred participants so it had to support simultaneous, multi-party telecommunication and live streaming in 4K resolution. It constituted an enormous challenge facing the production team as high-quality technologies and equipment would translate into vast costs, which Public Television Service could barely afford.​

Solutions for Public Television Service

In the old days, Public Television Service’s broadcasting technologies were outsourced. But as the company underwent internal transformations, it would like to build its own technical team. The team of engineers are now able to complete entire projects by themselves. Those who were responsible for broadcasting services employed the Streaming software developed by WOWZA media system. The On-Premises machines, however, could not handle the tremendous workload of concurrent audiovisual processing and data transfer. After assessments of technical feasibility and budget, the team decided to migrate the system to Cloud for the two concurrent processes.

In the initial trials, Public Television Service ran tests on one of the bigger brands of Cloud products. Nevertheless, the team realised that their Asian cables had to reach Japan first, which would raise the costs and lengthen the duration. Due to that particular brand’s technical flaws, the mission of live streaming in 4K resolution was subsequently scrapped. After multi-party comparative tests, they eventually opted for the all-round GCP.

In a nutshell, Public Television Service operated on the basis of Compute Engine. It used Storage and CDN to link up the breaks between advertisements. It monitored the overall status of programme operations by Stackdriver Logging. All of these were done via Cloud Functions, which were established on Cloud platform.

Last but not least, Public Television Service utilised G Suite, which was specially developed by Google for businesses, to effortlessly organise information and files according to projects.

The advantages of GCP

  • One of Google’s data centres is based in Taiwan so it allows for fast data transfers and assistance in tackling emergencies.

  • Google originated in Cloud mindset so its products could help the production team develop new forms of entertainment services.

  • With support from agencies, the team can find the most effective solutions for both technical and administrative issues.

Application of products

  • Cloud CDN
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Functions
  • Compute Engine
  • Stackdriver Logging

Feedback about collaboration with Microfusion

‘By making use of GCP’s Cloud CDN, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Compute Engine, Stackdriver Logging and so on, we successfully overcame the technical obstacles and provided live streaming services in 4K resolution. GCP technologies helped us complete the innovative content of the new season of 100 calls.’

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