Sales data analysis

With Google Cloud AI technologies, we help enterprises manage sales data,
such as information about members, websites’ visitors and their purchases.
We aim to have a clearer picture of the members’ profiles
so that advertisements can target at the right audience.

Sales data analysis

Enterprises may face challenges while attempting to digitalise sales processes. On one hand, it can be difficult to analyse and use data about a vast number of members, websites and purchasing records. On the other hand, the enterprises might have invested in plenty of Package solutions for analysing market databases but they could not solely own the relevant information. Microfusion can tackle the problems by practically applying Google Cloud AI.

For instance, we are able to make connections with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and to import real-name information for simultaneous analysis. We can even employ Look-alike technologies to depict and expand target customer groups and then make precise recommendations on investments in products and advertisements. As a result, user experience can be optimised and, hopefully, potential revenue maximised.

Sales data analysis
Introduction of services

An intricate yet accessible data analysis can lessen the needs for meticulous data processing to be done by the internal staff members responsible for IT and sales.

An enormous and comprehensive Data Management Platform (DMP) helps digitalise sales to raise effective turnover rates of online product sales.

​User experience on websites can be enhanced by improvements in browsing and operational records.


Information in advertisements can be accurately directed by descriptions of target audience.

How does data-driven sales operate?

Our advantages

► Knowledgeable in products

We develop our own technologies so we are familiar with the products’ technical details and applications.

► Business experiences

Microfusion is a Cloud solutions-provider, which has assisted over 500 clients in enhancing performance and in applying technologies.

► Speed and flexibility

We can swiftly integrate and instantaneously respond to queries.

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