SAP on GCP Business Resources Management

Google Cloud Solutions, which are applicable to SAP, help build a smart enterprise.
Revolutionise SAP data through flexible VM structures on the entire GCP.

In the old days, one had to possess On-Premises data centres, to take note of expiry dates and to purchase extra cooling equipment. But with Cloud nowadays, data storage can be hassle-free!

As for GCP Solutions, you can divide the project into phases and pay for the equipment and services respectively.

With the standardised systems on GCP, the induction process can be simple and slick.

GCP can help you link up data from multiple sources without paying too much effort.

SAP on GCP in the lead

GCP provides suitable solutions for SAP

Multiple tools for data analysis on GCP

GCP boosts sales

What is SAP on GCP Business Resources Management?

Google Cloud Solutions can assist SAP clients in all fields. Systems can be upgraded in order to enhance efficiency and flexibility yet with costs lowered. Value can be added to SAP databases. Furthermore, enterprises would be able to get hold of abundant market developments and business opportunities and thus would assume leading roles in their own fields.

Characteristics of SAP on GCP Business Resources Management

According to individual business status, our services can be categorised into 3 types.




(55k customers worldwide)

Analytics/Data Warehousing



(14k customers worldwide)

Front office/eCommerce

from office, eCommerce, SAP Hybris

SAP® Hybris

(1k customers worldwide)

Whether you are completely new to SAP or in search of a system upgrade of the 3 aspects as outlined above, Microfusion is by your side. We can provide comprehensive consulting services with respect to the following 4 stages.

We can elucidate the most suitable SAP structures for you.

We can assess your On-Premises system status as well as devise the content and schedule of migration.

Our specialist team can assist you with the migration.

While the new system is in full swing, you can still expect different levels of support from us.

Why should I choose Microfusion?

Familiarity with products

We develop our own technologies and understand the GCP product specifications and applications from the inside out.

Business Experiences

In addition to offering Cloud Solutions, we have organised induction programmes for national and international corporations and have helped them appreciate the Cloud’s applicability and practicality to the fullest.

Promptness and Flexibility

We are quick to sort out issues and able to respond instantaneously.

SAP on GCP Frequently Asked Questions

Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP is a corporate name and at the same time a software product that aims at offering solutions to business management. To date, SAP is the most well-known ERP software product around the globe.

SAP S/4HANA is a smart ERP system supported by SAP HANA database. It allows enterprises to manage flexibly, to respond swiftly, to face challenges and to grasp business opportunities.

As you employ GCP Solutions, Google Cloud provides convenient migration tools, flexible resource adjustment functions and comprehensive hybrid infrastructure such that an upgrade is often a piece of cake. Moreover, enterprises can make use of complete VM structures to process tasks so as to minimise the downtime of essential business applications. Most importantly, income can be generated from new sources by the use of Google’s advanced technologies, for instance, PB-scale data analysis, practical artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

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